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Our Team

Jason Briggs

Meet Jason, our sportswear enthusiast. When Jason isn’t finding you the hottest sports footwear of the season, he can be found training for the next marathon or putting his Sports Science MA degree to good work.

Jason’s obsession with shoes came when he was just a teenager. He was training for his first (of many!) marathons when he found that the shoes he was wearing weren’t allowing him to perform to the best of his potential. Ever since that day, Jason made it his mission to try and test a whole series of running shoes, picking apart exactly what’s needed to perform well time and time again.

The rest is history. Jason can now spot a well-made sports shoe from miles off, and this skill is something we admire greatly at Shoe Hero.

Olly Maynard

Olly is your go-to guy for all things up and coming in the world of designer shoes. He graduated with a First Class Honours in Fashion Promotion from the University of South Wales and since then has used his experience to focus on high-end fashion in particular.

Olly lives and breathes fashion, always keeping an eye on the latest trends and bagging him the next best designer piece before its popular. Just one look at Olly’s multitude of outfits is enough to help you understand why he plays such a massive role in finding the very best products at Shoe Hero.

While Olly is passionate about all types of designer shoes, his main interests lie in our fashion and accessories categories. He works hard to bring you hundreds of statement pieces that will completely transform an outfit; putting you at the top of your game.