Nike Odyssey React Shield Review: All-Weather Runner’s Choice

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Last updated: January 26, 2024

When it comes to running in unpredictable weather, you need a shoe that’s as ready for the elements as you are. That’s where the Nike Odyssey React Shield comes in. I’ve laced up this all-weather warrior to see if it lives up to the hype.

Nike promises a sneaker that combines comfort, durability, and weatherproofing, and I’m here to give you my firsthand experience. Whether you’re dodging rain puddles or pushing through a chilly morning run, I’ll break down how the Odyssey React Shield holds up.

Design and Construction

As I slipped on the Nike Odyssey React Shield, I immediately noticed the meticulous craftsmanship. The shoe’s upper is constructed with a water-repellent material, perfect for those wet runs. Flyknit material wraps around the foot for a snug, yet breathable fit. It’s the kind of intentional design that balances protection with comfort.

The outsole boasts a durable rubber that provides excellent traction. I’ve traversed slick surfaces feeling secure and stable thanks to the strategically placed grooves. The React foam midsole, which Nike is renowned for, offers that responsive cushioning my feet crave during long distances.

Engineered for durability, the Odyssey React Shield doesn’t skimp on style either. The reflective elements aren’t just for safety – they add a sleek, modern aesthetic. This combination of form and function sets it apart in the crowded field of running shoes.

Comfort and Fit

When I first slipped on the Nike Odyssey React Shield, the immediate comfort was undeniable. The shoe’s interior boasts a snug, sock-like fit that conforms to the contours of my feet, providing a secure feeling without any unwanted pressure points.

Key features contributing to this comfort include:

  • Nike React foam midsole: Offers a plush, responsive ride.
  • A bootie-style construction: Wraps the foot for a seamless, cozy feel.
  • Flywire cables: Integrate with the laces for enhanced stability.

Breathability is another critical factor, especially when running in varying weather conditions. The Odyssey React Shield ensures air circulation while keeping moisture out, thanks to the vapor-permeable upper. This balance between protection and airflow adds to the overall comfort, allowing me to focus on my pace rather than my feet.

Sizing is true to form with the Odyssey React Shield. I found my regular size to fit perfectly, ready for action straight out of the box. No break-in period was needed, which is a testament to the thoughtfulness of Nike’s design. Remember to consider your own preferences, as some runners might prefer a little extra room for thick socks during colder runs.


When I’m braving the elements during my runs, it’s crucial that my gear can withstand the conditions. That’s where the Nike Odyssey React Shield really shines. The shoe’s water-repellent upper ensures that my feet stay dry, even when the rain starts pouring. Not just a mere surface treatment, the weatherproofing capabilities are woven directly into the material, providing lasting protection.

But it’s not just about keeping water out. The Odyssey React Shield’s design also offers a level of breathability unique for a shoe with such protective features. Thanks to the strategically placed vents, my feet can breathe, reducing the likelihood of overheating and keeping discomfort at bay.

Along with the weather-resistant aspects, the reflective elements crafted into the shoe’s silhouette offer a dual functionality—enhancing safety during those low-light rainy runs and adding a touch of style. The reflective details are smartly incorporated, so they don’t compromise the shoe’s sleek appearance while making sure I’m visible to others.

Traction is another crucial factor I pay attention to, especially in wet conditions. The durable rubber outsole provides optimal grip on slippery surfaces, giving me confidence with every stride. The outsole pattern is thoughtfully designed to channel water away, maintaining traction even in heavy rain.

Weatherproofing isn’t just about enduring the present conditions, but also about ensuring the longevity of the shoe. The materials used in the Odyssey React Shield are chosen for their durability, making sure that these shoes can be a reliable partner through many challenging weather scenarios.

Performance on Wet Surfaces

Testing the Nike Odyssey React Shield on wet surfaces revealed its impressive grip. Even on slick sidewalks and muddy trails, I maintained my footing without any issues. The shoe’s outsole features grooved patterns strategically designed to channel water away, providing enhanced traction.

On rainy days, I appreciated the water-repellent upper. It kept my feet dry, proving the shoe’s effectiveness in warding off water infiltration. Alongside the outsole’s durability, this water-repellent quality ensures that the shoes perform reliably in the rain.

The rubber outsole’s material also contributes to the shoe’s excellent performance on wet surfaces. Its composition is tuned for both wet and dry conditions, so runners don’t have to worry about losing speed or stability when transitioning between different patches of ground.


Wrapping up my review of the Nike Odyssey React Shield, I’m thoroughly impressed with its performance in challenging weather. It’s clear that the shoe’s design prioritizes both functionality and style, making it a reliable choice for runners who won’t let the elements slow them down. The innovative features, including the water-repellent upper and responsive cushioning, work in harmony to deliver a comfortable and secure running experience. Whether you’re navigating rain-soaked streets or transitioning from dry to wet terrains, this shoe has proven to be a steadfast companion. For those in search of a durable, weather-ready running shoe that doesn’t compromise on comfort or performance, the Odyssey React Shield is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nike Odyssey React Shield designed for?

The Nike Odyssey React Shield is specifically designed for running in unpredictable weather conditions, providing both water resistance and breathable comfort.

Does the Odyssey React Shield have water-repellent features?

Yes, the shoe features a water-repellent upper that helps keep your feet dry when running in wet conditions.

Is the Nike Odyssey React Shield durable?

The shoe is engineered for durability, utilizing sturdy materials and construction methods to withstand wear in challenging weather.

How does the Odyssey React Shield handle wet surfaces?

It’s equipped with a durable rubber outsole with grooved patterns for optimal traction, ensuring a strong grip on wet surfaces.

Does this shoe have reflective elements?

Yes, the Odyssey React Shield includes reflective elements for increased safety and a stylish look, especially in low-light conditions.

How does the shoe provide comfort and stability?

Comfort and stability are achieved through a React foam midsole for cushioning, a bootie-style construction for a snug fit, and Flywire cables to secure the foot.

Is the Odyssey React Shield true to size?

The article notes that the shoe offers a true-to-size fit, ensuring runners can select their usual size for a comfortable experience.

What makes the Odyssey React Shield breathable?

Despite its water-repellent properties, the shoe maintains breathability to ensure comfort during runs in various weather conditions.

Are the materials used in the shoe long-lasting?

Yes, the shoe incorporates durable materials selected to provide longevity and performance in the face of adverse weather scenarios.

Can the Odyssey React Shield provide stability on both wet and dry surfaces?

The rubber outsole is designed to offer stability and support for running on both wet and dry surfaces, allowing for confident transitions between different terrains.