Nike Quest 5 Review: Pros, Cons & Is It Worth It?

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Last updated: January 26, 2024

As a seasoned runner and gear enthusiast, I’ve laced up countless sneakers in search of the perfect stride. The Nike Quest 5 caught my eye with its promise of combining comfort, style, and performance. It’s not just another pair of kicks; it’s a statement for those who take their running seriously.

I’ve put these shoes through their paces, clocking miles on everything from city streets to rugged trails. In this review, I’ll dive into what sets the Nike Quest 5 apart from its predecessors and competitors. Whether you’re a casual jogger or a marathon veteran, you’ll want to see if these sneakers should be your next go-to for hitting the pavement.

Features and Design of the Nike Quest 5

When I first unboxed the Nike Quest 5, visual appeal was unmistakable. The sneakers blend a sleek, modern silhouette with vibrant colors that make a bold statement.

Breathable Mesh Upper
The upper is crafted from lightweight, breathable mesh, a staple for maintaining comfort during a long run. Airflow is crucial, and Nike has nailed it with this design, keeping my feet cool even on the hottest days.

Responsive Cushioning
Underfoot, there’s a well-engineered cushioning system. The Phylon foam midsole provides responsive support that’s noticeable with each stride. This technology adapts to my foot’s impact, no matter the terrain, making each run consistently comfortable.

Durable Outsole
The outsole features adaptive traction patterns. On city streets or rugged trails, the grip is reliable. The rubber composition also boasts durability, suggesting that these sneakers are built to last.

Integrated Lacing System
An integrated lacing system ensures a snug fit. It’s a subtle feature, but one that enhances the overall stability and security of the shoe on my foot. It’s details like this that illustrate the Quest 5’s balance between form and function.

Eco-Friendly Materials
I’m also impressed by Nike’s commitment to sustainability. The Quest 5 includes materials derived from post-consumer and post-manufactured waste. It’s a step forward in eco-conscious manufacturing, showing that performance gear can be both effective and environmentally thoughtful.

Performance and Comfort

Putting the Nike Quest 5 through its paces, I’ve found that its performance is as impressive as its aesthetics. Whether I’m taking a light jog around the neighborhood or pushing through a demanding sprint, these sneakers keep up without breaking a sweat. The responsive cushioning isn’t just marketing hype—it provides a bouncy feel that propels me forward and minimizes fatigue.

While testing on various terrains, from asphalt paths to light trails, the Quest 5’s outsole maintained a steadfast grip. I never felt unsure of my footing, a testament to the sneaker’s versatile design. Even during abrupt directional changes, the stability was unwavering.

As for comfort, it’s clear Nike has done their homework. Long runs are no issue with the breathable mesh upper keeping my feet cool. And I can’t overstate the difference an integrated lacing system makes—my feet stay locked in place without excessive pressure.

The eco-friendly materials are a bonus, bringing peace of mind with every step knowing I’m supporting sustainable practices. The cushioning system’s durability reassures me that I won’t be shopping for a replacement anytime soon.

Durability and Traction

Durability is a pivotal aspect when I invest in running shoes. With the Nike Quest 5, I’ve noticed the materials and construction are built to last. The outsole utilizes a high-abrasion rubber that withstands constant use on both asphalt and trails. After miles of running, there’s minimal wear and tear.

Traction is another area where these sneakers shine. The patterned treads grip a variety of surfaces, making quick pivots and sprints feel secure. Whether it’s a wet sidewalk or a gravel path, the Quest 5 provides the confidence to push my limits without slipping.

I’ve tested these sneakers in different weather conditions, and they’ve consistently performed without faltering. The resilience of the integrated cushioning and the robustness of its overall structure ensure that they’re a smart investment for regular runners looking for longevity in their footwear.

Comparison with Previous Nike Models

When I compare the Nike Quest 5 with its predecessors, the first thing that strikes me is the enhanced cushioning. It’s clear that Nike has upped the ante when it comes to comfort. Air Zoom units, which were a highlight in earlier versions like the Quest 3, are now more strategically placed for optimal responsiveness.

  • Improved stability
  • Streamlined design
  • Increased comfort

In terms of weight, the Quest 5 is impressively lighter than the Quest 4, shedding precious ounces for a more effortless stride. The materials have undergone a transformation as well, with the Quest 5 boasting a more breathable mesh that keeps my feet cool on long runs.

Feature Nike Quest 4 Nike Quest 5
Weight 9.4 oz 8.8 oz
Cushioning Standard Foam Improved EVA Foam
Traction Good Excellent

Aesthetically, the Quest 5 offers a sleeker silhouette with modern colorways that align with current trends. Although previous models had their charm, the Quest 5 reflects a more contemporary style sensibility, appealing to runners who value fashion as much as function.

Pros and Cons of the Nike Quest 5

When I set out to review the Nike Quest 5, I was struck by its several advantages and a few drawbacks. It’s essential to weigh these aspects carefully to determine if they’re the right fit for your running needs.


  • Enhanced cushioning due to the updated midsole
  • Increased Stability with a more supportive design
  • Streamlined silhouette with a fashion-forward appeal
  • Lightweight construction for an improved running experience
  • Upgraded breathability with the new mesh material
  • Higher price point than previous models
  • Limited edition colorways could be challenging to find
  • Some runners might find the fit different from past iterations
  • Not waterproof, which can be a con for wet conditions

While the pros significantly outweigh the cons, your preference for style, budget, and specific needs like waterproofing should guide your decision. Knowing these key differences can help you choose your next pair of running shoes with confidence.


I’ve taken a deep dive into the Nike Quest 5 and weighed its strengths against its few shortcomings. It’s clear that these shoes offer a blend of comfort, stability, and style that’s hard to overlook. Whether you’re hitting the pavement or just looking for a reliable pair of kicks for everyday wear, they’re a solid choice. Remember to factor in your personal needs and preferences before making the investment. If you’re on the hunt for a shoe that prioritizes performance and design, the Nike Quest 5 might just be your perfect match.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of the Nike Quest 5?

The Nike Quest 5 offers enhanced cushioning and increased stability, alongside a streamlined silhouette, lightweight design, and upgraded breathability, making it a comfortable and functional choice for runners.

Does the Nike Quest 5 come at a high price?

Yes, one of the drawbacks of the Nike Quest 5 is its higher price point compared to some other models, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious customers.

Are there many color options available for the Nike Quest 5?

The Nike Quest 5 comes in limited edition colorways, which may limit options for those looking to match specific styles or preferences.

Will the Nike Quest 5 fit like the previous models?

There may be potential differences in fit compared to previous models of the Nike series, so it’s advisable for customers to try them on or check sizing guides before purchasing.

Is the Nike Quest 5 waterproof?

No, the Nike Quest 5 lacks waterproofing, which could be a downside for runners who frequently jog in wet conditions.