Nike React Infinity 3 Review: Flyknit Cushion & Stability

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Last updated: January 26, 2024

I’ve laced up the latest in innovative comfort with the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3, and I’m here to share my firsthand experience. As a runner who prioritizes both performance and style, I was eager to see how these kicks stack up.

The React Infinity Run series has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what running shoes can offer, and the third iteration promises even more. I’ll take you through what’s new, what’s stayed the same, and whether they’re worth the investment for your daily runs.

Design and Fit

When I first laid eyes on the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3, I was struck by its sleek design. The seamless Flyknit upper isn’t just about looks; it’s engineered for breathability and flexibility. Slipping my foot into the shoe, I felt an immediate sense of snugness, yet with enough room in the toe box to avoid any pressure points.

Nike’s emphasis on a sculpted collar ensures a secure fit that cradles the heel, which is something I particularly appreciate during longer runs. The integrated Flywire cables work in tandem with the lace-up system, allowing for a customizable fit that’s adaptive to my foot’s natural movement.

I’ve found the shoe’s width accommodating, catering to a variety of foot shapes, which is not always the case with running shoes. The true-to-size fit means that I didn’t need to guess my size or deal with the hassle of returning an ill-fitting pair.

It’s this fusion of form and function that emphasizes Nike’s commitment to runners’ needs, without sacrificing the visual appeal that’s often lost in performance gear. As I hit the pavement, the Flyknit 3 feels like an extension of my foot, delivering not just a responsive ride but also making a style statement.

Cushioning and Responsiveness

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 is quite impressive when it comes to cushioning. Nike’s React foam technology is a game-changer, offering a plush yet responsive ride. The more miles I log, the more I appreciate the consistent comfort and energy return. It’s not just about softness; it’s about the level of support that blends seamlessly with my stride.

This model sports a wider base at the forefoot and heel, which I find helps with stability without compromising on the springy feel I enjoy during my runs. The midsole cushioning doesn’t flatten easily, ensuring a resilient experience even on those longer training sessions.

Paired with the cushioning, the shoe’s rockered geometry plays a critical role in how it handles responsiveness. Every step feels propulsive, encouraging a smoother transition that complements my natural gait cycle. It’s clear that designers at Nike meticulously engineered this silhouette to balance comfort with the efficiency needed for running day after day.

Stability and Support

When talking stability in running shoes, the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 stands out. It’s designed to minimize injuries and I’ve noticed how the shoes provide a secure base for every stride. The stability comes from a combination of features:

  • Wide foot platform
  • Supportive midsole design
  • Durable outsole pattern

The Flyknit 3 has a wide foot platform, particularly noticeable at the forefoot and heel. This design choice is not just about comfort; it’s about reducing side-to-side rolling that can lead to ankle sprains.

I found the midsole is where the magic happens. It’s crafted to cradle the foot, giving a supportive feel throughout my runs. This is complemented by the shape of the heel which locks in place comfortably, reinforcing support.

Don’t overlook the outsole pattern on these. Its durable traction grips surfaces well. Whether I’m pacing through wet or dry conditions, the outsole helps in preventing slips and enhancing overall stability.

Breathability and Durability

When evaluating the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3, it’s essential to consider how these shoes manage airflow. One standout feature is the Flyknit upper, intricately woven to allow for maximum breathability. As I put the shoes to the test on longer runs, my feet remained cool and ventilated, a testament to the thoughtful design.

I was equally impressed with the durability of these runners. Despite repetitive use, they show little wear. The outsole’s rubber is strategically placed in high-impact areas, offering prolonged protection and superb traction. Even after several miles, the resilience of the React foam is apparent, as it consistently returns to form, ready for the next challenge.

It’s worth noting how the Flyknit material not only contributes to the breathability but also withstands the rigors of daily running. The balance between lightweight construction and robust endurance means you don’t have to compromise, ensuring these shoes are a reliable companion for both training and recovery runs.


Wrapping up my experience with the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3, I’m thoroughly impressed. These shoes blend style and substance, offering a secure, comfortable ride that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re clocking miles on the weekend or pushing through a rigorous training session, they deliver a resilient, responsive experience. The durability and advanced features like the rockered geometry make them a standout choice for runners seeking a reliable workhorse with a sleek look. I’ve felt the difference in my runs and I’m confident you will too. If you’re in the market for a new pair of runners, the React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 should definitely be on your radar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What design features stand out in the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3?

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 boasts a sleek design with a seamless Flyknit upper that provides breathability and flexibility.

How do the shoes ensure a secure and customizable fit?

A sculpted collar and integrated Flywire cables offer a secure, customizable fit that adapts to the runner’s feet, ensuring comfort and stability.

What makes the cushioning in these shoes impressive?

Nike’s React foam technology is central to delivering impressive cushioning that is both responsive and durable, making it ideal for longer runs.

Do the shoes provide stability for runners?

Yes, the wider base at the forefoot and heel areas enhances stability without sacrificing the shoe’s springy feel, ensuring a balanced run.

How does the shoe’s design contribute to responsiveness and smoother transitions?

The rockered geometry of the midsole in the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 enhances responsiveness and promotes a smoother transition from heel to toe.

Are the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 shoes durable?

Yes, the Flyknit material not only allows for excellent breathability but also ensures robust endurance, contributing to the shoe’s overall durability.

Can the shoes handle long training sessions?

Yes, the midsole cushioning is resilient and designed to maintain comfort and support throughout extended training sessions, making them suitable for long runs.