Nike Renew Run Review: Comfort, Style & Durability

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Last updated: January 26, 2024

As a seasoned runner and gear enthusiast, I’ve laced up countless pairs of sneakers over the years. But when it comes to combining comfort and performance, the Nike Renew Run stands out. I’ve put these shoes through their paces, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you.

The Renew Run isn’t just another addition to Nike’s impressive lineup; it’s a statement of style and endurance. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or just cruising the streets, these kicks promise to keep your feet happy. Let’s dive into what makes the Nike Renew Run a worthy contender for your next go-to running shoe.

Comfort and Fit

When I first slipped on the Nike Renew Run, the cushioning was remarkable. The foam padding cradled my feet instantly and the feeling of support was undeniable. My typical foot aches during long runs were noticeably absent, thanks to the shoe’s ample midsole.

The upper mesh design offers both breathability and a snug fit without causing any restrictive sensation. Even during quick sprints, my feet stayed cool and comfortably locked in place. The adaptable mesh adjusts to foot movements, providing stability where it’s needed the most.

Lastly, the padded collar and tongue are game-changers as these features prevent any uncomfortable rubbing against the ankles. This attention to detail in the Renew Run design ensures that each run is a seamless experience.

Performance and Durability

When it comes to performance, the Nike Renew Run truly shines. I’ve put these sneakers through their paces, from long-distance jogs to speed work on the track, and they’ve consistently delivered a responsive ride. The shoe’s Renew foam offers a unique combination of plush softness and springy rebound, a duality that supports performance across various running scenarios.

Durability is another strong suit of the Renew Run. Even after logging hundreds of miles, the outsole shows minimal wear, which speaks to the high-quality rubber and thoughtful design. Here’s a quick rundown of the shoe’s enduring features:

  • Dual-density midsole that balances cushioning and longevity
  • Outsole pattern designed for high-wear areas

I’ve observed that the mesh upper, while breathable and offering a snug fit, also maintains its shape and structural integrity, resisting the common pitfalls of stretching or tearing. This resilience ensures that the shoe feels as dependable on your 100th run as it did on your first.

As for the foam, despite concerns that soft cushioning systems might degrade swiftly, Nike’s Renew foam defies these expectations. It bounces back run after run, showcasing impressive longevity for a comfort-focused foam.

By pairing the innovative foam with a solid construction, the Nike Renew Run checks the boxes for durability and sustained performance. Whether you’re tackling rough terrain or simply pounding the pavement, these shoes are built to last.

Cushioning Technology

In examining the cushioning technology of the Nike Renew Run, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the Renew foam. This innovative foam offers a plush, yet stable ride, enabling a comfort that’s both forgiving and energizing during runs. It’s not just the softness that stands out; the resilience of the Renew foam means it can handle the repetitive impact from the ground without losing its integrity.

The midsole’s dual-density layout pairs the Renew foam with a firmer foam to add structure and support. This combination ensures your foot is cradled for enhanced stability throughout your run. The specific design translates to an even distribution of pressure, reducing overall strain on my feet and legs which is crucial for long-distance runners seeking to prevent injuries.

I’ve noticed the shoe’s cushioning remains consistent whether I’m on a slow jog or picking up the pace. The responsiveness of the technology adapts swiftly, offering just the right amount of bounce back with each step. The transition from heel to toe feels seamless, a testament to the shoe’s well-engineered cushioning system.

Aside from the performance, the Renew Run maintains its shape and cushioning over time. Through rigorous testing, durability is a standout feature. This resilience means you can anticipate consistent comfort and support mile after mile, making it a reliable choice for everyday trainers.


When it comes to running shoes, Breathability is just as crucial as cushioning and support. In my experience with the Nike Renew Run, the upper mesh design offers adequate airflow, keeping my feet cool even during long runs. This breathability is thanks to the shoe’s lightweight material and the ventilated design that encourages air circulation throughout.

Nike has strategically placed the mesh in areas prone to overheating, effectively preventing the build-up of moisture. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • The toe box area has a wider mesh for enhanced breathability.
  • Side panels have a tighter weave for structure while still allowing air exchange.

The Renew Run’s attention to breathability means that those seeking a shoe that minimizes the risk of discomfort and the development of blisters from heat and sweat can rest assured. It’s clear that when wearing these shoes, even on those warmer days, I’ve returned home with feet that feel just as fresh as when I set out.

Style and Design

When examining the Nike Renew Run, it’s clear the designers focused on marrying function with fashion. The sleek silhouette and dynamic colorways make for an eye-catching appearance. Available in a range of shades, from bold to more subdued, there’s something for every style preference. The Nike Swoosh is prominently displayed, serving as a hallmark of quality and a nod to the brand’s athletic roots.

For me, the design isn’t just about looking good. It’s also about versatility. These shoes effortlessly transition from a run to running errands. With an aesthetic that complements both athletic and casual wear, they’re as much a fashion statement as they are performance gear.

The craftsmanship shows through in the detailing. Subtle textures on the upper add interesting visual elements while reinforcing the shoe’s overall structure. Reflective accents are not only functional for visibility but also give a modern edge to the design.

Lace-up closure creates a customized fit, and the softly padded collar not only adds to the comfort but also the sleek look. It’s rare to find shoes that look as good as they perform, but the Nike Renew Run strikes this balance with ease.


I’ve put the Nike Renew Run through its paces and it’s clear this shoe is a standout for everyday runners seeking comfort and support. The plush cushioning of Renew foam paired with the shoe’s durable design means it’ll be a reliable part of my running arsenal for the long haul. It’s not just about performance either; the breathable upper mesh keeps my feet cool and dry, warding off any potential for blisters. Plus, I can’t ignore the style factor—the Renew Run’s sleek silhouette and dynamic color options make it a versatile pick for both my workouts and casual outings. Whether I’m pounding the pavement or just out for a stroll, this shoe has proven to be a top performer that doesn’t sacrifice on looks or comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary cushioning technology in the Nike Renew Run?

The primary cushioning technology in the Nike Renew Run is the Renew foam, which offers a plush and stable ride and retains its integrity against repetitive impacts.

How does the Nike Renew Run ensure stability?

Stability in the Nike Renew Run is ensured through its dual-density midsole layout, which provides structured support to decrease strain on the feet and legs.

Is the Nike Renew Run a durable running shoe?

Yes, the Nike Renew Run is designed for durability, maintaining its shape and cushioning over extended periods of use.

Does the Nike Renew Run offer good breathability?

The upper mesh design of the Nike Renew Run provides excellent airflow, aiding in the reduction of moisture and minimizing discomfort and blisters.

Can the Nike Renew Run be used for casual wear as well as running?

Absolutely, the sleek silhouette and dynamic colorways of the Nike Renew Run make it versatile enough for both athletic performance and casual wear.

What features add to the visual appeal of the Nike Renew Run?

Subtle textures, reflective accents, and a sleek lace-up closure with a padded collar contribute to the stylish design of the Nike Renew Run.